A third-party vendor engaged by a world-leading resources company, contacted Shanghai Neway  to help fulfil their latest contract.

Shanghai Neway has worked with this third-party vendor for more than a decade on a range of projects and was pleased to, once again, meet their needs.


The global resources company was seeking to rent 1,300 Hilux vehicles from the vendor and required the associated car accessories and automotive products to support their maintenance.

Our team was engaged to supply mobile, hydraulic light towers and a variety of vehicle accessories including antennas, reflective tape, tyres, seat covers, floor mats and LED light bars.

From a project management point of view, sourcing all products within a tight timeframe and ensuring they met required quality standards, was challenging.


Shanghai Neway contacted 50 factories and compared prices, quality, and the ability to service our request in minimal time. From there, we identified and selected the factories who could best meet our requirements and set them to work.

The result was the timely manufacture and provision of genuine and non-genuine automotive parts that met both Australian compliance requirements and quality standards. Our thorough quality checks prior to shipping reaffirmed this.


To meet our client’s challenge, the Shanghai Neway team utilised our extensive networks, accepted only the best quality products, and ensured strict compliance with Australian standards to deliver cost-effective solutions.

As a result, our client (the third-party vendor) was able to fulfil his contract with the resources company who were pleased with the result. He continues to engage our services to meet the needs of a variety of clients.

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