Winery and Brewery

If you’re considering establishing a winery, brewery, or distillery, Shanghai Neway can provide all the necessary equipment. We offer top-notch materials at notably lower costs compared to sourcing domestically within Australia.

Other Industries

The Process

We make working with us, simple.

Working with Shanghai Neway could not be more straightforward, and we have broken the process into several simple steps, namely:
In-person/online meeting
To promote clear, concise communication and understand your specific needs, we will arrange a live conversation to get things moving in the right direction.
Contact our Chinese suppliers
Once we have every detail of your product locked in, we send those details to our trusted Chinese partners and request competitive quotes.


Once the quotes are returned, we will pass them on to you for review and explain their differences. We always recommend the best overall quote and give detailed reasons for our choice.
Once the decision is made, we can formalise the paperwork and confirm the order. We communicate regularly with the manufacturers and share any updates and photographs with our clients.


Quality control
When the products are ready to ship, our inspectors conduct meticulous quality control inspections.
All aspects of shipping and delivery from China are now handled by our staff, including official inspections and paperwork.
As soon as your products arrive and clear customs, they will be delivered to you and installed as required.


Aftercare and maintenance
We can offer comprehensive support and maintenance solutions through our partnerships with trusted local companies.

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Do you aspire to expand your business in profitable international markets that appreciate Australian products and services?

Do you aim to procure high-quality materials to bolster your business while minimizing overhead expenses?

Are you enthusiastic about importing from or exporting to China but find the process overwhelming or uncertain?

Reach out to the Shanghai Neway team today. Let’s discuss how we can develop a customized solution to address your unique business requirements.

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