Why choose Shanghai Neway?

As a trading partner that offers almost limitless growth potential, any company that can benefit from selling its unique quality products on the Chinese market could not be in better hands than the team at Shanghai Neway. With decades of collective experience in the industry, we have built strong working relationships with Chinese and overseas partners, facilitating the smooth import of goods into China and helping tap into one of the largest markets on the planet. The potential for growth is astronomical, and our team of experts is here to ensure seamless, stress-free trade.


Maximising every opportunity to connect with Chinese companies has its share of challenges, especially in culture and language. Shanghai Neway is at your service to act as an efficient, cost-effective go-between, ensuring you find a connection with your perfect trading partners with no misunderstandings or issues along the way.

Could your business benefit from building relationships with Chinese manufacturers that can provide customised products to fulfil your needs? Not sure where to start? Then look no further because Shanghai Neway is here to assist with the process, ensure you gain access to the highest-quality manufacturers, and cater to all your administrative and communication requirements.

How the process works

With an impressive selection of potential customers and seamless communication between the parties, we facilitate the transition of revered overseas goods via a series of tried and tested steps, namely:

  • Connecting our overseas clients with the Chinese companies we believe will have a strong interest in their products. This may include sharing videos of where and how the products are made and providing product samples to demonstrate their quality.
  • Acting as a direct liaison, facilitating communication and translating any missives.
  • Understanding all the administrative requirements and assisting with everything from essential order/shipping paperwork to official customs documents.

Smooth, seamless trade with a lucrative market

Shanghai Neway is your perfect partner for trading with China, with a proud record of success in bringing like-minded companies together and helping them grow. We pride ourselves on our ability to introduce clients on both sides to their perfect match and on the efficiency with which we aid the brokering of deals and the flow of goods.


We have the perfect solution for all your local and international import requirements, and our team is committed to ensuring client satisfaction. We insist on the highest standards of service and professional integrity from our hand-picked team and know you will not be disappointed.

Contact us

If you are ready to see your global exposure skyrocket as you enter a market that is hungry for quality, unique overseas goods, please get in touch with the Shanghai Neway team today. Our trained experts are standing by to offer all the information, advice, and guidance you need.