Australian Honey Ventures (AHV), an Australian start-up honey provider, engaged Shanghai Neway to help them lower packaging costs as well as breakthrough to the Chinese market. We helped them to significantly reduce their overheads and today they are a preferred Australian honey provider in China, looking and acting the part.


AHV is a 100% Australian, privately-owned collector of quality Australian honey.

As a start-up, however, they were finding the cost of jars, seals, labels and bottling lines to just too expensive in Australia so, they contacted Shanghai Neway to see if we could help reduce these costs.

AHV also issued us a significant challenge – they wanted us to facilitate the supply of their packaged honey products to China and be the exclusive Australian honey representative in the Chinese market.


The Shanghai Neway team was excited and committed to meeting these challenges and quickly set to work.

We contacted our suppliers and manufacturers in China to source the products they needed, at the quality they were looking and for a fraction of the Australian price.

AHV supplied us with their designs and we helped bring them to life by finding the right label material to ensure the colours were vivid and the label cuts were precise.

We also helped AHV to identify new, more cost-effective bottling lines to seamlessly label, bottle, seal and pack their products for future shipments.

We then coordinated the shipping in a modified sea container to make sure their products arrived safely. Next, we organised seamless delivery to their door so AHV could begin to label and package their honey using the quality labels we had printed for them.

Shanghai Neway reduced the cost of label design and printing by 50%, without sacrificing the quality.

Challenge number 1, complete.

Next, we worked with AHV to identify opportunities to promote and export the honey to China.

Together, we tweaked the branding to make sure it appealed to Chinese buyers and, using our knowledge of key markets and extensive network in China, set-up an online store on Tmall to promote the honey to Chinese buyers.


Today, AHV has an online store on Tmall China – the largest B2C platform in China with access to over 500million registered customers – and a profile on Little Red Book – the most popular online shopping review app in China.

AHV is now a well presented, respected and followed Australian premium honey brand in the Chinese market. In fact, their first shipment quickly sold out, thanks (in part) to our marketing strategies.

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